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AIC launches new printing media Ez-Film & Ready-Mag
Date: 22/02/2008

Ez-Film & Ready-Mag are new brands of AIC Magnetics Ltd.’s innovative printing media in Sign & Printing Industry.
Ez-Film is a flexible and printable magnetic receptive material. It is not magnet but can be easily placed on magnetic boards; it is significantly lighter and thinner than traditional iron sheet, and most important, it can be printed directly by various large format inkjet printers.
Ready-Mag is a high energy and ultra-thin magnet that can replace normal flexible magnet by much thinner thickness. It is used to make the Ez-Film’s back panel, and it has a variety of finishes, including Plain Brown, Ink Receptive Layer, PVC, Paper, and Art Paper… And AIC has developed another types especially designed for car sign market.
The first order has been placed in the UK’s biggest supermarket. It replaces traditional adhesive POP/ Signage materials to significantly save installation work load and increase productivity of work force.

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