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AIC PATENTED Magnetic Postcard Releases

Date: 03/03/2009

These patented magnetic postcard materials can provide new solutions to the card publishers and advertisers.

Easy to Keep: Being magnetic, our cards are much more convenient for people to keep. You can keep our magnetic cards as normal ones. But what is more important and convenient, you can also stick our cards to any kind of metalized-surface e.g. fridge door, shelf frame...This can help to increase people's eye-catching so that to strengthen the efficiency of the cards as either Direct-mail cards or Souvenir cards.

Easy to Post: Don't worry about the magnetic, it is in reasonable scope and all the post office will accept it. So just post our magnetic cards the same as you post normal cards.

Easy to Print: We have materials for Offset Print and Inkjet Printing.

Easy to Cut: We can provide printed or blank cut by the size you need or cut yourself after printing..

For more information about our products, please turn to http://www.macosolution.com/solutions.asp the Solution Downloads section to find the specific introduction.

Also, if you want to see some samples, please feel free to contact us and it is our greatest pleasure to assist with you.




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