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EZ-Board is a kind of PVC foam sheet which is a new type of green environmental protection material. It made through foaming and

pressing into shape with additive, the main component is PVC. With the fine chemical stability, EZ-Board can substitute wood,

aluminum,plastic composites, widely used in the building, advertisement and decoration.

EZ-Board Features:

* Waterproofing

* Fire retardant and self-extinguishing

* Heat preservation

* Sound-insulated

* Insulation

* Non-corrosion

* Non-toxic

* Tough, rigid with the high impact strength

* Stable color retention

* Anti-deformed


EZ-Board Specification:

* Thickness (mm): 1-33

* Width (mm): 1220, 1560, 2050

* Length (mm): 2440, 3050

* Density (g/cm3): 0.35-0.9

* Certificate: SGS, 3C

* Color: white, black, red, blue, yellow, green, gray, wood color

EZ-Board: EZ-Board has its characteristics of easily sawed, bonded, nailed, joint and hot moulding.

Display boards: Used for AIC Wall-Mag as the base board (5mm EZ-Board is recommended)



We provide 2 types of EZ-Board products:

1. Standard EZ-Board


2. D-Print EZ-Board


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