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  EZ-Mag Paint

EZ-Mag Paint is a kind of ready-mixed, lead-free water-based acrylic latex. It can transform any flat surface to a creative wall that magnets can stick to. Simple and easy for you to decorate the walls of homes, offices, companies and schools.


Features & Advantages:

  • * Safe for your health, not belong to explosive, flammable, oxidizing, toxic, radioactive, corrosive substances.
  • * No need to change the structure of the wall, just apply EZ-Mag paint, it will look like any normal wall, but magnets can stick to.
  • * No longer grey or dark, you can paint any color to cover the EZ-Mag paint layer as you like.
  • * Cover 2~3.2m2 with one coat, which is equal with other iron paint two coats.


Solution 1: EZ-Mag Iron Paint + Magnetic Graphic Layer



Solution 2: EZ-Mag Iron Paint + Double Sides Magnetized Sheet + Ferrous Sheet

Preparation and application
Surface preparation: Make sure the substrate to paint is clean, dry and flat before paint the latex.

  1. 1. Stir the paint thoroughly before use.
  2. 2. Do not dilute the paint with more than 40% purified water or mix it with any other paint.
  3. 3. Don’t sand the paint once it has been applied.
  4. 4. Apply 1 layer or 2 layers using a mohair brush. Leave each layer of paint to dry for 4 hours at least. The more layers you apply, the better the magnets will stick. 1 litre of paint is enough to cover an area of approximately 1.5 m2 with extra strong force.
  5. 5. After applied EZ-Mag Paint, you can apply a top coating for vivid colors (water-based paint with any color you want) after 24 hours. Also, you can spread the ready magnetic graphic layer on the painted surface.
  6. 6. Remove any paint splashes with a cloth. Clean tools with soap and water. Important! Make sure the tin is properly sealed after use!


Where to use
*POP display for shops     *Decoration for homes, offices
*Put magnetic toys on     *Pin your shopping list, photos & message

Quality: Aqueous acrylic paint containing magnetic particles.
Color: Dark
Specific gravity: ~2.0g/ml
Solid content: ~66%
Opacity: Opaque
Dilution: Purified water. Mix no more than 40% water if thinning is required.
Cleaning of tool: with soap water


1.6kg/drum (Custom-made is welcome)


Storage Condition
Avoiding sunlight, stored in a frost-free, cool and dry place.


Keep out of the reach of children. The product has unknown significant effects or critical hazards. If in doubt or in the event of an abnormal reaction, seek medical advice immediately.


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