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  MACO™ Rapid Display POP System
1) Description
MACO™ Rapid Display POP System is an innovative, standard, and simple POP system which is easy-to-install, easy-to-change, universal print compatibility and environmental (PVC free). It can replace traditional adhesive POP/signage materials. Traditional adhesive POP materials are non-standard system.
* Different Skin Materials: PVC, PET, Art-Paper, Paper…
* Different Back Panel: KT boards, plastic panel…
* Different Installation: suspend, stick…
* Different Printing Methods: silk-screen printing, digital inkjet printing…
* Some are non-environmentally friendly materials.
Non-standard system may cause these problems: installation’s difficulty, choice of printers and inks, environment friendly, recyclable, durability, stability, time spent, materials costs, labors costs, productivity...

MACO™ Rapid Display POP System is an effective solution to resolve the above problems.
* 1 POP skin (Ez-Film™) + 1 back panel (Ready-Mag™) = 1 System (MACO™ Rapid Display POP System)
* Easy-to-install, easy-to-change, universal print compatibility and PVC free.

Traditional adhesive POP materials

POP Market Demands

MACO™ Rapid Display POP System

No Integrated & Standard System: PVC, PET, Art-Paper, and Paper, self-adhesive, KT boards and plastic panel…

Rapid & Easy Solution; Integrated & Standard System

1 Integrated & Standard System: Ez-Film™ Steel as POP display skin (Removal & Reusable) + Ready-Mag™ on board/ Wall as magnetic back panel (permanent Use).

Slow Install: A poster of size 5M * 1M needs nearly half a hour to install


Install Fast: A poster of size 5M * 1M can be installed within 1 minute.

Difficult to Install: Special tools & training are needed to install adhesive displays.


Install Easy: No need special training to install a large format signage.

Difficult to Change: A lot of time will be spent to remove if you change.


Change Easy: Enable to remove and re-install POP signage easily without damaging it

Restricted Printing Methods: Different materials have to choose different printers & inks.

Print Easy & Fast

Universal Print Compatibility: Special treated surface is compatible with almost all major printing machines, technologies and inks.

One-time Use: You can not use it any more if you remove it from the panel.


Reusability: remove POP signage easily and reuse it in another place.

Can not be done: Both display skin & back panel will be disposed.

Permanent Use

Permanent Use: Not need to change or re-install back panel again, it can be used forever.

Can not be done: It's hard to complete a large volume POP graphics in very quick time.

Complete Quick Time Project

Quick Time Project Ability: install or change large volume of POP graphics in very short time.

Need Special Training & High Labor Cost: Special trained personnel are required to installing adhesive graphics. You will pay much more on labors than on materials when you install large volume POP displays or change POP frequently.

Improve Productivity and Cost down

Increase Productivity: save a lot of time and cost to increase productivity of your staff. It will also create a lot of different opportunities.

Difficult to connect: It’s difficult to connect some parts display to one POP by no change.

Wide Format & Grand Format

Seamless Posting: Create edgeless large format poster because of a convenient connection.

Can not be done: When overlapping, the original display layer will be destroyed.

Flexible Change

Multi-layer Overlapping: One Ez-Film™ skin is able to overlap on another Ez-Film™ skin.

Can not be done: Some special places can not be displayed.

More Places to Advertise

Install Flexibility: install and remove in special place easily such as curved surface, column surface.

2) Construction
Ez-Film™ Steel (POP Skin) + Ready-Mag™ (Back Panel) + Accessories

1. Ez-Film™ Steel (POP Skin): Printed Ez-Film™ Steel, magnetic receptive based printing media.
* Not Magnets, but magnetic receptive.
* Various surfaces available: PET, Art Paper, Inkjet paper…
* Used as skin for POP display system.
2. Ready-Mag™ (Back Panel): Ready-Mag™ on Boards/ Wall/ Panels/ Pillars…
* Various surface available: Special Coating, PVC, Art Paper, Inkjet Paper or no lamination (Plain Brown).
* Make Back Panel by placing Ready-Mag™ on Boards/ Wall/ Panels/ Pillars…
3. Accessories: Self-Adhesive tapes, will enable the Ready-Mag™ Back Panel be more attractive than normal Posters

3) POP Affection
MACO™ Rapid Display POP System in Subway Entrance, Business Center, Shops…
Easy-to-install, Easy-to-change, removable, reusable, uses for general signage and other flat-surface/ curved surface, medium-term, indoor or outdoor applications such as:
* Point of purchase display/ Commercial Signage in Super Market, Retail/ Grocery Shops, Restaurant…
* Removable/Changeable advertisements in Subway, railway station, Business Center…
* Business Wall outside…
* Map Guide in exhibition center, road side…
* Kids Wall in House…

1) Choose Ready-Mag™: 0.8mm isotropic/ 0.4mm anisotropic flexible magnetic sheeting to make back board is recommended.

2) Make Ready-Mag™ (Back Panel): Use Self-adhesive or glue to fix Ready-Mag™ on the attachment surface like walls, boards, panels...
All below can be attachment surface where traditional POP display can be

3) Choose Ez-Film™ Steel: Different printers, different Ez-Film

* Please look up our Ez-Film’s Introduction to see more information and help you to choose.

4) Place Ez-Film™ on the Ready-Mag™ back panel
Unroll the printed Ez-Film™ display, Change and

5) Remove and reuse: When you want to remove the display, just roll it up. When you need it displayed again, you can find it easily and put it on the panel or another Ready-Mag™ Back Panel quickly.
Just roll it up.
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