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Why Maco®Magnetic POP Graphic System better than Traditional POP Materials


Maco®Magnetic POP Graphic System

Traditional POP Materials

Install Fast & Easy

Change Easy

Universal Print Compatibility

High Image Quality

Seamless Posting

Quick Time Project Possible


Install Flexibility

Multi-layer Overlapping

Environmental Friendly

Increase Productivity

Permanent Use

1 Install Fast

 · Enable rapid install of POP signage which printed on Ez-Film. A poster of size 1M * 2M can be installed within 10 seconds.

 · Minimize installation time. It is the most time-saving installation by far.

2 Install Easy

  • ·No need special training to install a large format signage which using Ez-Film.
  • ·Blister on signage can be easily avoided. No technical personnel is required.

3 Change Easy

  • ·Enable to remove and re-install POP signage easily without damaging it.
  • ·Enable to move the signage and re-install on another Maco®Magnetic POP Graphic System easily.

4 Universal Print Compatibility

  • ·Ez-Film is compatible with almost all major printing machines and technologies. Such as Digital Inkjet Printing, Offset Printing, Screen Printing, UV Ink Printing, Flexography, etc. Simply choose the right material for your printer and applications.
  • ·Special treated Ez-Film surface can accept different inks for inkjet printing technology. High resolution printing on Ez-Film material is possible.
  • ·Ez-Film is magnetic receivable film, it is NOT magnetic. It will not jam in printers. So it is compatible to all printers.
  • ·Printing on Ez-Film series material is easy and fast.

5 Seamless Posting

  • ·Using small printers to create edgeless large format poster because of a convenient connection.
  • ·Saving printing cost, and no need to buy extra large format printers.
  • ·Saving transportation cost for its seamless connection.
  • ·Either part of display can be changed easily.

6 Quick Time Project Ability

  • ·The system will give you the advantage of changing large volume of POP graphics in very short time.
  • ·Sports or concert messages can be publicized to the whole city even in one night by the system.
  • ·In the retail shops or other restricted spaces, the POP display can be changed very quickly in limited time and it will not affect the normal operations.

7 Reusability

  • ·Enable to remove POP signage easily and reuse it in another place.

8 Install Flexibility

  • ·Enable to install and remove POP signage in special place easily, which normal POP signage is not easy to install, such as POP signage on curved surface, column surface, in high place and so on.

9 Multi-layer Overlapping

  • ·One Ez-Film signage is able to overlap on another Ez-Film signage. As much as 8 Ez-Films signage can be overlapped on
    one Wall-Mag Back Panel.
  • ·With this overlapping character, it enables you to create unique POP signage effect.

10 Environmental Friendly

  • ·When changing POP signage, no need to dispose the whole board. Simply remove the Ez-Film from the Wall-Mag Back Panel, and put a new printed Ez-Film on it.
  • ·Ez-Film is made in environment friendly material; it will have no damage to our environment when disposed.
  • ·Enable to reuse POP signage on another Wall-Mag Back Panel when required.

11 Increase Productivity

  • ·Maco®Magnetic POP Graphic System increases people's productivity. Using this system, you will save a lot of time and cost to increase productivity of your staff. It will also create a lot of different opportunities!
  • ·No special trained personnel is required to install a POP signage. It is very quick and easy.
  • ·Quick install allows quick decoration of a POP place for those limited time project.

12 Permanent Use

  • ·Not only for temporary project, but also for permanent project. It has 4-5 year indoor & outdoor durability.
  • ·Not need to change or re-install back panel again, it can be used forever. Wall-Mag back panel: One Time Install,
    Life Time Use.

13 Other Key Points of  Maco®

  • ·Light-weight

It is as light as paper though it is iron based.

  • ·Portable

Just roll it up and install to any magnetic back panel where you want to display.

  • ·Outdoor & Indoor Applications

Variety of surface, finish and ink solutions help your POP display be more attractive.

  • ·Antirust & Water proof

All our materials are antirust, and substrate like PET, Special Coating or Vinyl/ PVC laminated materials are usually water proof.

  • ·Big-roll Printing

It can be produced in very big rolls to meet the demands of the automatic printing machines.

  • ·Double-side Printing & Post
We have double-side printable materials for you to print, and you can choose either side to display.
EZ-Film™ & Ready-Mag™ POP Solution
* Preview
Can you install a large format display roll sheet in few seconds? --- Choose Ez-Film.
Ez-Film™ --- One Poster, Few Seconds.
Ready-Mag™ --- Ready to POP

* How to use Ready-Mag?
Step 1: Brush the glue to the board.
Step 2: Put our Ready-Mag™ on the board.
Step 3: Surface Procession: flat the surface with small plastic cards or boards.
Ready-Mag™ back Panel --- One Time install, Life Time Use.

* How to use Ez-Film?
Step 1: Print on the surface. It is perfect for wide format digital printing.
Step 2: Put printed Ez-film on magnetic wall (Ready-Mag™ back panel).
Ez-Film™ printing consumables --- More Value, Less Cost.

* Easy deal
Install Easy, Change Easy, Print Easy, POP Solution Easy.

* Applications
Roll Up Displays, Wide Format POP, Changeable Display Boards
It can be used in various places: Business Center, Restaurant, Advertising, Classroom, Office
Limited POP Space --- Successful business Campaign!

For more information, please download the pdf file.

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